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Anna Bee Fit's programs have helped a lot of their clients transform into their best selves. We are grateful of the trust of our patrons and we aspire to extend the same credibility we established with them to you.   

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Bree, 29 years old

Bree started on Anna Bee Fit with a starting weight of 195 lbs. After undergoing a personalized fitness program with us, she lost 40 lbs in total and now only weighs 155 lbs.


Amanda, 35 years old

Amanda began her journey with Anna Bee Fit at 185 lbs and went on a customized fitness program with us, which led to her losing 55 lbs. By the end of the program, Amanda only weighed 130 lbs. 


Ali, 28 years old

Ali started with Anna Bee Fit weighing at 247 lbs and lost about 50 lbs. By the end of the program, Ali only weighed about 197 lbs.


Heather,  43 years old

Heather started at Anna Bee Fit with a starting weight of 210 lbs. After going through the program with Anna, Heather shed 45 lbs off and is now at 165 lbs. 

Apartment Building
Apartment Building

Deb, 41 years old

Deb weighed 220 lbs when she first started with Anna. After undertaking a personalized program prepared for her by Anna Bee Fit, she now weighs at 160 lbs after losing 60 lbs. 


Cass, 31 years old

Cass began her journey with Anna Bee Fit weighing at 185 lbs. She lost 65 lbs after going through our fitness program. From 185, Cass now only weights and stands at 120 lbs.

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Client Satisfaction

Anna Bee Fit brings out the best in their clients and intends to exhibit an exemplary satisfaction within them that translates to concrete results. Anna ensures a high-grade program for each of her clients that promises to produce outstanding progress and end results.

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