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Frequently Asked Questions

Anna Bee Fit has worked with a lot of clients before and most of them has asked the same questions. We have collated the most common inquiries we get just in case you were about to ask the same things.

Are Anna Bee Fit's programs suitable for all ages? 

YES, Anna Bee Fit's programs are all appropriated according to the ages, health history, and other personal backgrounds that are essential in curating our client's personal program. In fact, our youngest client was 16 and the oldest was 76.


Is the first 1-on-1 Transformation Strategy Consultation for free?

YES, it is FREE! The first call would entail us getting to know each other and assessing if we are compatible as fitness partners. 


Where can I schedule my first 1-on-1 Transformation Strategy Consulation?

You can go to the Services page and click on the bottom part of the link or you can click here


What is the success rate of your fitness program?

Our fitness program works 100% of the time - given that you religiously follow our strategies and you are consistent in attendance.


I want to gain weight. Does Anna Bee Fit cater weight gain programs? 

YES, Anna Bee Fit's programs can be customized for weight loss and weight gain. 


Do you also help clients with their Eating Disorders, especially if they're clinically diagnosed with it?

YES, we help our clients with their eating disorders. In fact, Anna's background and nutrition comes from the fact that she had trauma that resulted in eating disorders for years. And so, she became a nutritionist. She then realized that learning about food wasn’t going to fix her eating disorders so she had to learn about the mind, body, and soul connection in order to get past that, which explains her success in this area.


Do I need to enroll in a gym if I go through the program with you?

No, you do not need to enroll in the gym. We will curate the program personally according to your lifestyle, availability, and preferred means.


How much are your rates?

Our rates vary from one client to another as we customize every program and assess according to your personal circumstances. For a concrete reference, however, our rates starts at $99. 

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