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IG LIVE: Anna Rhymer and Rocco Colangelo on Mindset, Gut Health, and Nutrition

On July 21, 2022, Anna Rhymer of Anna Bee Fit and Rocco Colangelo of Essence for Life Nutrition went live on Instagram to talk about Mindset, Gut Health, and Nutrition. Rocco, a registered nutritionist who helps women deal and manage anxiety, helps his clients pinpoint the root of the problem that triggers their anxiety for a healthy life.

Both experts weigh on the effects of anxiety in the physiological state of people, which is especially poignant with women. Anna iterates cases of her clients that are women who are high in cortisol levels raised and renal levels who then experiences adrenal fatigue, perpetual exhaustion, and excess body fat retention.

"It's a cycle, right. You can't seem to get rid of the fat if you have no energy to exercise," says Anna. Rocco affirmed the nipping of the problem in the bud when it comes to dealing with the cycle as just teaching them how to eat only is a band-aid solution.

The talk transitioned to mindset and healthy choices where they touched on food as medicine. Although acknowledging the busy lifestyles of people, Anna and Rocco stressed the importance of pausing, making, and enjoying healthy food choices.

The trend of finding whole and clean food like protein, leafy vegetables, and lower glycemic index fruits should be an investment that is religiously endowed in our lives. The avoidance of processed food and minimal consumption of high glycemic index fruits that can spike up insulin levels like watermelon and ripe bananas should also be practiced.

Anna advices complex carbohydrates like sweet potatoes as they have lower glycemic index and they don't affect your mental health, especially on guilty eating.

"We can feel better and have a slower sustained burn and our body doesn't have to work so hard with the systemic toxicity that we all live within, to process (and) eliminate the toxins. So if our body is in such a stressed state from the environmental stresses, emotional stressors, and food stressors, (then) it can't pull the nutrients out of the food, (and) push them into the cell. It also can't push the nutrients (in)," she notes on choosing the aforementioned healthy options.

Both professionals also point out the importance of pausing your stressful thoughts and being in the moment during meal times. Although the significance of this is more for the mental health, it could then translate to one's physiology. If you have a healthy relationship with food, it' conveys to healthier choices.

On sensationalized diets like keto and intermittent fasting, Anna and Rocco agree that diets should be personalized to a person's metabolism, health history, body type, and other more personal factors. As coaches, they are there to support their clients in their personal journeys.

"It gives you the willingness to do more because you have a backup system, which is us, and basically we're there to back you up... answering your questions", Rocco states as he affirms the effectivity of coaches in one's productivity.

More of Anna and Rocco's Instagram live in detail here.

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