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Fitness & Health

Anna Bee Fit's mission is spreading the importance of taking care of your health and how its state is a causal effect of all aspects of your life. Learn all about the tips and tricks on how to take of your health and fitness goals with us! 

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How to Lose Fat

Unfortunately, you cannot target fat spot reduce in the gym. However, this perfect plan we've got for you have worked wonders with our clients. This isn’t just another coaching program, the tools I provide you with aren’t common in the fitness industry.


Anna bee fitness wants to see you living your greatest life in your greatest body

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How to Stay Motivated

We know it's a little hard to stay on track and dedicated with your fitness goals. Anna Bee Fit's aim is to be your biggest hype man (or hype woman) and push you to become the best and healthy version of yourselves

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DIET TIP: Benefits of Potassium

Potassium is one of THE most underrated minerals when it comes to metabolic health and hormone health. Potassium plays many roles in the body, but my favorite things to highlight are:⁠

• Its ability to sensitize the cell to thyroid hormone⁠

• Aid in the cell's uptake of blood sugar (aka glucose and insulin response)⁠


• Nerve conduction, especially that of the heart⁠⁠

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