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My name is Anna Rhymer and I help busy professional moms over 40 solve weight issues, symptomatic health issues, & mindset blocks my High flying moms program! 🩷


Being a mom and a wife, I understand and can relate to the struggles you go through as I went through them myself.  Childhood trauma, eating disorders, emotional struggles…all the things! 


For decades, I’ve been working in health and wellness, helping empower other high performing moms to live their best lives and achieve their physical and emotional goals through nutrition, fitness and mindset coaching! 

I have two university degrees in business (marketing, advertising and communication), and went back to university for a third degree to follow my passion and become a nutritionist to truly help people achieve their best health and live in their goal bodies. I've owned an operated a gym, nutrition, clinics, and other wellness businesses where my clients have seen much success, and I have been able to accumulate a vast and deep knowledge of humans, and how to help them.


In my youth, (a long long time ago 😂) I played varsity volleyball and was awarded a Canadian all-star award. I’ve also spent many years coaching kids sports, teaching and doing public speaking to small and large groups about trauma and mindset, the importance of physical and emotional fitness, and tactical training to achieve our ultimate goals! 


I am not your average coach. Although my pillars are movement, nutrition and mindset education, I love to dive deep into extraneous subject, such as hormones, circadian rhythm, gut, microbial, neurotransmitters, and more! 


I am looking forward to using my many years of education combined with the extensive learning I've had in the field, helping people to help you too!


XO Anna

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How are we different?

At Anna Bee Fit, we coach a little differently. We talk to our clients multiple times a day on a walkie-talkie app, guiding them through life‘s ups and downs, creating behavioural change, working on mindset, teaching the nutrition that works for each individual’s results, and implementing fitness while required to create a brand-new lifestyle that is sustainable.


The most important part of our program is that it is completely customized to the clients needs and lifestyle, but we educate you on how to adapt and adjust to your bodies physical and emotional requirements so that you can rest assured that you will never need help from another coach again. This is your last stop! 


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. I'd love to hear about your fitness goals! 


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